Item 02: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 March-3 September 1915 - Page 73

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down the valley with a steep hill on either side covered with green scrub & looking down the valley we can see the sea, with warboats & torpedo boats everywhere & at the back of them we can see islands belonging to Greece. We get our water supply from shallow wells dug in the bottom of the valley & as we can get only enough for drinking purposes we have to put up with a drovers wash once a day & a good many don't even get that. We went on duty at 12 oclock & were no sooner settled than shrapnel fell on our trenches here, three shells burst over us & we were covered with leaves & boughs from the bush overhead. Langford was hit through the neck & wounded pretty bad & Chivers had his face cut, both have gone to hospital. A sniper killed an Engineer officer at 4 oclock, Gen. Bridges was hit in the hip a day or so ago & is pretty bad on it.

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