Item 02: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 March-3 September 1915 - Page 120

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Sat. 19th. We were sapping at the Supply Depot from 8 to 12 this morning, I did not feel in a working humor & sat down & supervised the work, the officers down there should be nigger driving, they are N.Z. Engineers & both officers & Sergeants are the most officious men I have ever met. Australians are not allowed to work there during the night as they have been making the pace a welter amongst the supplies & only N. Zealanders work on the job during the night, one lad belonging to the 8th Btn. was sniped while working there this morning, he was shot through the leg above the knee by an explosive bullet & will probably lose his leg. We received a tin of jam with our rations to-day, quite a luxury after being so long without any. After dinner Penny & I

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