Item 02: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 March-3 September 1915 - Page 117

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Wed. 16th. I was in charge of another party of 10 men from 4 till 8 last night. We were on the same job at the Supply Depot & the officious Sergeant was quite the reverse & affable, apparently the telling off he got from Cooper the night before brought him to his senses. Penny went to the beach for a swim this afternoon but the Turks were dropping shrapnel on the beach all the afternoon & he had to return without it. Yesterday afternoon we were issued with new socks, flannels & pants & we put in this morning cutting off the surplus material on the bottom of our trousers. At 12 oclock to-day we had to go on sapping on the New Zealand trenches. Lieut. McMillan was in charge; while we were on it, an artillery duel was fought lasting half an hour. Our warboats have been very busy all the afternoon, more troops landing.

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