Item 02: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 March-3 September 1915 - Page 164

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[Page 164]

Mon. 2nd. Major Vernon has been away for several days now sick; the Reg. Quarter M. Sergeant-Major (Webb) has also been away for over a week. We are on a short allowance of water only 1½ bottles allowed per man to-day. Went for a dip after tea.

Tue. 3rd. Last night Gurkhas were landed here. We relieved the men on the 'Phone at dinner time, but were relieved ourselves at 4 oclock as the 1st Regt. moved onto Pope's Hill & went in the trenches, A Sqd. took over the 'Phone, so we made a dug out comfortable & put the rest of the afternoon in reading the papers, as the papers of the last mail only arrived to-day. About 9.30 to-night we gave the Turks a demonstration. Signal fires burning green & red smoke was lighted on Walkers Ridge, also red & blue parachute flares were fired. These flares are in a class of their own here they are fired high in the air by a gun & descend very slow, lighting up the country as plain as day.

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