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Emperor of the French – a hereditary title.
His expedition against England in '03 did not realise. In 1805 Austria, England, Russia & Sweden united against France and were badly beaten (except on the sea – Trafalgar). Napoleon gave Holland to one of his brothers & the King of Naples to another. He formed a new Rhine Confederation with himself as Protector.
In 1806 Prussia, England, Sweden & Russia attacked France and were so roughly handled by Napoleon that they had to ask for peace when he entered Berlin in '07 & followed up with a crushing defeat of the Russians at Friedland. Prussia had to pay all costs of the war, an indemnity of 100,000,000 francs and was reduced to 4 provinces. Nap. [Napoleon] established the kingdom of Westphalia & gave it to his brother Jerome. He added Varsovia to the Rhine Confederation.

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