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stands in a lonely spot and is at present holding two complete Field Ambulances minus bearers, our own & the 8th which is awaiting orders to move. There is a fine view forward over a sweeping expanse of country – the old Somme battlefield, a dreary waste for the most part. On our left and across the river lies Bray the big Somme village that took so much taking but fell to our chaps. The Australians have made, and are still making a splendid name for themselves – proved themselves second to no troops fighting among the allies.

Sat. 7th Sept.
M.D.S. in the orchard near Cappy closed down at midnight Thursday, the 3rd. Div. took over our sector and M.D.S. was re-opened further forward. We loaded our waggons and were then taken in lorries to the sector on the right passing through Cappy and pulling up at the M.D.S. near Estrees Deniecourt which had just been taken over by 15 F. Amb. that morning. After some dinner here we went forward straight along the main St. Quentin road and over the old Somme 1916 battlefield, kilometre after kilometre of desolate waste full of weed grown old trenches & shattered

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