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a string of 6 "wippets" passed us. The wippet is a small, light tank which travels at a good speed and can turn quite easily. I have not much faith in the tanks as an effective weapon against the Germans, unless they are used in large numbers and as a surprise to the enemy.
Have just witnessed a combat in the air. A fritz plane came over a few minutes ago, flying low and evidently taking photos. The air was full of the rattle of our Lewis guns and anti-aircraft shrapnel bursts when 3 of our machines came out of the clouds. The hardy taube saw them coming and turned to fly but too late. Our foremost machine was after him, firing as it came. I saw the stabs of flame spurting out from the 'plane. The German circled and circled, coming down all the time, with our 'planes following vengefully in his

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