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writing up my diary in a well sandbagged, camouflaged dugout which three of us constructed this evening. Our chaps hopped over this morning & stiff fighting is still going on judging from the rumble of the guns. The weather is beautifully mild to-night. It has been hot & dry for some time past – quite a record for this part of France & a great help to Foch & the numerous attacks he is making.
For the last three days I have made periodical trips down to the river (twice to-day). It is great in the water and the majority of the chaps are taking advantage of the proximity of the Somme. We are all getting round in thin shirts & shorts and are as brown as berries.
Had a visit from a taube last night & he dropped a couple of bombs pretty close – I saw the sheet of flame go up from our dugout. We lead quite an underground life now. So far I am proud to be able to say I have escaped being "chatty".

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