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On Thursday night & the following morning a lot of big stuff came into the town & the noise of the bursting shells made quite a roar through the deserted streets. We are on the side of the town nearest the line and the shells all passed overhead. There are still civilians living round about notwithstanding the fact that Amiens has been declared evacuated. These people are very plucky to stay on in the shelled town – they all seem to have agricultural permits but a number find it much more profitable to sell wine & champagne to the troops at pretty high prices, 5 & 15 francs per bottle respectively. The city is full of French & British Military police mainly to prevent looting by our troops.
The French with American & British Troops & N.Z. Division are steadily driving the Germans back between Soissons & Rheims. We expect a big stunt on our front very shortly. Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the war and the tide has turned at last in our favour.

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