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both enemy & our own seem to be passing over the wood the best part of the night.

Sat. 8th June
I have just read a 400 page history of France that I found in the school we took over for an A.D.S. at Daours. The following interesting extracts are taken from it:-

The Gauls, the first inhabitants of France, came from the east in 700 B.C. They were in two families, Celts & Belgians and were tall fair men, barbarians practising druidism.
The Greeks established themselves along the southern coast of France in 600 B.C. The Romans conquered "la Provence" between 124-118 B.C.
The Germans (then barbarians) crossed the Rhine and established themselves for the first time in France during 1st century B.C.
Gaul was occupied by the Romans in

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