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Sat. 17 Aug.
The day after arriving at Pozieres orders were suddenly changed and we came back during the afternoon to the fritz trenches outside Caix. Instead of marching out at 10 p.m. we were instructed ½ hr later to make ourselves comfortable (?) for the night. Back three of us went to the trench we had occupied two nights previously with a pile of refuse at one end and a dead fritz covered over with loose earth at the other. The night was pretty cool & to add to the discomfort a lot of shrapnel came over, followed by the drone of the taubes and the accompanying search lights and anti-aircraft fire. We are on the edge of a valley full of artillery, cavalry & infantry and fritz knows it too. The Amb. moved out at 8 next morning back through Caix, Cayeux & Ignacourt, skirting Marcelcave, crossing the Vil. Bret. Rd. in front of Warfusee, through a mass of bricks & debris (Hamel village) to

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