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enjoying a day's leave in this gay "petit Paris". About 8 o'clock we arrived at our destination to be the Main Dressing Station in the big stunt coming off in a few days. The place has been already occupied by 6th Field for several weeks and is a fine big pile of buildings. Originally the St. Acheul Civil Hospital it became Temporary Red Cross Hosp. No. 10 (French) during the war and was of course evacuated entirely during the bombardment of Amiens.
Two new Arty. Corps have just arrived in the 4th Brit. Army which now contains the following – Australian Corps, Canadian Corps, 3rd & 9th British Corps.

Thurs. Frid. 9 Aug. 1918
The offensive commenced yesterday morning and we were hard at it all day. Our station was for stretcher cases only although a few walkers struggled in including two riflemen from a French colonial regiment that hopped over on our right. Things

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