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years. France's chief seaport and second largest town is looking better and more prosperous than ever. The streets were thronged with people and the cafes crowded. The population is now supposed to be about 1,000,000 (1,000,000) having nearly doubled since the war.
Passing through Fontainebleau-Forest, Paris was not reached until 6 o'clock the next evening and after putting up at the Hotel Montana I went to the Comedie Francaise and saw something very good in the "barbier de Seville".
Spent the following day in France's capital and arrived at Bailleul, via Calais about 5 o'clock the following evening. With the assistance, first of an A.S.C. horse waggon & then a staff car, I was soon back with the Ambulance at Dranoutre after an absence of exactly three weeks.

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