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battalions of our Brigade established strong posts around the village in case the enemy should break through. On the evening of the 4th the Brigade received orders to move out early the following morning and that night we saw the 8th Brigade go through in dozens of motor lorries & busses bound for "somewhere". Next morning reveille was at 4 o'clock, breakfast 4.15 and move off half an hour later. The 5 or 6 thousand of us boarded motor lorries and the long string of vehicles ran through Acheux, Lealvillers, Arqueves, Puchvillers, Rubempre, Pierregot & Raineville through the barrier into the old city of Amiens. We passed through the outskirts of the town seeing practically no civilians while the many shuttered windows of the houses were an omnious sign. Soon we left Amiens behind with its great Cathedral towering above

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