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just in time to dodge a few more "gazumpers" which appeared to also drop in the camp. We hopped on to lorries bound for Peronne and not too soon either. Fritz's big guns were systematically shelling down the road looking for troops & transport on the move. Yesterday he had two balloons up in front of us which had evidently been watching our movements. We dropped off the lorries opposite what used to be the railway station in Peronne and made our way to 5th Div. Nucleus Camp at La Chapellette, about 3 kiloms. away, where we had to report.

Frid. 4th Oct. 1918
All the 1914 men in the 5 Div. collected at the Div. Reinf. Wing 200 strong (3rd batch) and marched out this morning to Bray, 15 kilometres further back where all 1914 men from the 5 Divisions are collecting. I believe that the number going back on this trip will be 60 officers & 1700 W.Os., N.C.Os. & men. Bray has been pretty badly knocked about but there are enough buildings left to accomodate us all. Our contingent is occupying an old Brasserie & 5 of us are very comfortable in a room with fireplace. The nights are very cool now and one blanket does not keep a chap too warm. This coming winter promises to be colder than the last & we shall all be glad to miss it and get back to our own sunny land.

Sat. 5 Oct. 1918
To-day we had particulars taken re our service & clothing requirements. No-one is allowed to leave the vicinity of his billet without permission the penalty for disobedience of this order being immediate return to your unit & no trip home. There are 60 officers & 1700 other ranks going back to be divided into two parties – the first to leave Bray on the 9th & the second on the 10th. Practically the whole of the village is occupied by the 1914 men. The houses are in fairly good condition and so is the church,

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