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this is the first opportunity I have been able to get to write a few lines. On the 22nd our Walking Wounded Station was converted into the Divisional Main Dressing Station and Gas Centre and the following night the Germans attacked in great force on our front, taking the village of Villers Bretonneux from the Tommies. We were shelled & gassed heavily and early the following morning shells were rained into our village. Our billets near the Chateau were evacuated just to in time to dodge a shell that came through the roof while numerous others burst in the vicinity. One shell burst in the village square a few yards from our M.D.S. in the schoolroom with a few casualties. Two of our men were wounded during the day. At midday while the Sergeants were feeding in an evacuated civilian residence a shell burst in the street outside shattering our windows.
Last night the 15 Bde. of a Division retook

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