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of a bombarded village – Kemmel and billetted for the night in huts at Rossignol Camp. The next morning a couple of us climbed up to the top of Mount Kemmel where, notwithstanding the mistiness of the morning, a few view of the surrounding country was obtained. The top of the mountain is honeycombed with old trenches, dugouts & observation posts. At 2 p.m. same day B Section tent division received orders to go up to Kandahar Farm about 5 kiloms. away and take over right sector Advanced Dressing Station from 2nd Aust. Field Amb. who were going out for a rest with 1st Div. We found the A.D.S. a nice little place consisting for the most part of heavily sand-bagged shelters. There was practically nothing doing as the sector is so quiet. The following morning I was ordered to

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