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trucks (32-40 men or 8 horses). There were several trainloads of troops on the move. One in front of us was hit by a stray shell which killed & wounded a fair number. The train passed through St. Pol & Doullens and at 2 p.m. we detrained at Mondicourt. Here rations were served out to us & a twelve kilom. march through the driving rain followed to Louvencourt via Pas-en-Artois and Authie. In the distance we could hear the boom of the guns while on various hills we passed British & Canadian troops hastily digging trenches. In and around the villages passed through were civilians either packing up or already on the move.
The Tommies we passed seemed to be muchly cheered on seeing Aust. troops arriving on the scene. The majority of the civilians did not seem to look too cheerful, most of them going the opposite way to us.

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