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times a day in beautiful weather & no work to do. The night bombing was the only uncomfortable feature. We went up to the A.D.S. in cars, through Hamel & Cerisy, up to main Amiens-St. Quentin Rd. The place we took over is a captured Fritz field hospital and is full of German stuff - uniforms, helmets, gas masks, equipment, drugs, books, bandages. No lack of souvenirs.
Was off colour last night & to-day but am feeling better to-night.

Tues. 3rd Sept.
We did not reign long in our position on the Amiens-St. Quentin road opposite Harbonnieres. The Ambulance after being A.D.S. for a couple of days became M.D.S. and then closed down as the line moved forward. We remained inactive for a couple of days during which time I made strenuous efforts to get my correspondence up to date, washed some clothes & had a look over Harbonnieres.

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