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report for duty to A Section of the Ambulance which was running the Main Dressing Station on the Gordon Road halfway between Kemmel & Wyschaete. On arrival I found that the M.D.S. was much larger than the A.D.S. I had just left and was a collection of huts and gasproof shelters covered with concrete & sandbags with saps running between them. The Messines sector which we are in, is very quiet and there is very little work to do – very few gassed & wounded and not many sick. I have been just put on nights with a Cpl. & 2 men. Yesterday afternoon two of us went down to Locre where we ran the Div. Rest Station last time the Division was in the line. We got a ride down on a motor lorry but walked the 6 kiloms. back along muddy roads. It was a frosty day with a bitterly cold wind blowing.

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