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Tues. 25 June
The sun went down on Saturday, 22nd, officially the longest day of the year, although it will be a week before the time of sunset is shortened by a full minute – in a wild sky flecked from horizon to horizon by filmy clouds.
In accordance with the new system in Paris the Prefect of Police has again fixed meat prices for the current week. Last week there was a reduction only of the price of beef, but it has now been extended to veal, mutton & pork, following the fluctuations which have taken place in the wholesale quotations at the cattle market. The prices are fixed for first, second and third qualities of every known cut. The choicest steak from the middle of the fillet, stands at 5 fr. a pound. "Rumsteck" ranges from 4 fr. 40 c. to 4 fr. 10 c. and "tender rosbeef" from 4 fr. to 3 fr. 60 c. The best cuts of veal run to 4 fr. 50 c. & 4 fr. a pound.

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