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morning and extra bearers were sent forward & preparations made for the reception of plenty of casualties. Did not get much sleep and was up at 1 a.m. when our bombardment commenced. Three Bns. carried out the attack, and took all objectives and advanced our line 500 yards on a 4000 yard front! Our casualties were not heavy – we put through about 170 wounded as well as 31 Germans. Prisoners taken amounted to 400, I believe. Our 1st Division is active too. I have just seen in the French paper that they have taken Merris (near Bailleul) up north & a couple of hundred prisoners.
After 46 days at the Adv. Dress. Station the Division came out of the line yesterday. A tent sub-division of our Amb. has opened up in a Boys' Primary School on the outskirts of Amiens. The remainder of the Amb. has gone into a copse near Poulaineville,

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