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Mond. 5th Aug.
The tent sub-division is still at the Ecole Primaire des Garcons. There are only about a dozen of us here including one officer, a very decent chap. The work is very light and consists of doing sick parades, clearing local & Brigade sick & supplying drugs. While up at the A.D.S. I succeeded in salvaging a nice light French bike and am finding it very useful. Every evening two of us bike down for a swim to the fine Amiens muncipal baths on the Somme where there is always a goodly collection of Australians.
We are in the town of Amiens (St. Pierre Quarter) on the Route d'Albert. The streets are practically deserted save for the heavy military traffic running to & from the line. There are numerous evidences of the boche's activity with his long range guns – whole houses having been demolished by shellfire and others flattened out with bombs.

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