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the result that the roads were almost impassable. We started off with a regular blizzard raging & perishingly cold. The rounds were done alright although many snowed up lorries & staff cars were passed. We took some patients from one of our own ambulances that was in a "bogged" condition, and started off to take them to hospital. However between Neufchatel & Dannes a three ton lorry ran into the Ambulance buckling a splashboard & both front wheels as well as bending the axel – fortunately no-one was hurt. We pushed the damaged Ambulance clear of the road & left it there with the driver. Soon afterwards I secured a Red Cross car from Etaples and dropped the patients at Camiers (20th Brit. Gen. Hosp.) & Etaples (24th Brit. Gen. H.).
The Australian Divisions in France are evidently going to melt away as the

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