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to get postcards, books of views etc. Yarns over the side with dock & civil police and a few civilians as well as with chaps on board give one a very good idea of what S.A. is like.

Mond. 2nd Dec.
The weather has been pretty bad since leaving the Cape 8 days ago & is likely to continue such until we reach Fremantle. The day after leaving port the transport ran into very dirty weather which kept up for 4 or 5 days. Contracted a feverish cold 3 days ago & was admitted to ship's hospital where I am now. Am alright again but the bunk here is so comfortable after 5 weeks sleeping on the open deck in all weathers that I am not anxious to leave it.
Everyone was inoculated against influenza on getting away from S.A. So far there has been no outbreak on board.
The voyage is getting very monotonous & the crowd are getting rather discontented on account of the bad food we are getting. It is quite evident that some of the English crew are trying to fleecing us and there may be trouble on board before we land.

Tues. 10th Dec.
Was in hospital 6 days & then got the "bullet". We are rapidly nearing the Aust. coast & yesterday for the first time since leaving the Cape we ran into fine weather – a very welcome change.

Sund. 15 Dec.
Our fine weather only lasted a couple of days and gave place to a strong headwind & tossing seas.
The food throughout has been unvaried and badly cooked and things came to a head on the 10th when nearly 200 Warrant Officers, Staff Sgts. & Sergts. refused to sign the certificate that they had been given second class accomodation & food. The O.C. Troops, a man who has shewn

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