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"get the lay of the land". The 72 hours were spent mainly in seeing St. Paul's, the Vatican, Piazza Venezia & Vitt. Emanuel Statue, Forum, Coliseum, Palatine; visiting British Club, Italian & English people, Scouts, restaurants & cafes, Mefistofele (Opera) at Teatro Constanzi and a musical concert at the Quirino Theatre.
At 11.5 p.m. on the third day in Rome two of us (picked up an Aust. 3rd Div. Sergt. for this trip) left for Naples – 250 kiloms. where we arrived the following morning at 7.30. After breakfast at the station buffet a horsed carriage was secured and we had a look round the town – a fairly dirty place from what we saw of it. Six hours before our arrival a zepp. had been over and dropped bombs for the first time on the town but we saw no evidence of

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