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was built, hence Kings Cross & Charing Cross. The original Charingcross was destroyed by Cromwells soldiers, but was afterwards restored. The cross is just outside the station. Coming through Hyde Park I went under marble Arch, and passed statues too numerous to mention. 5 PM found my way back to the YMCA and had some tea. After tea went by tube from St James Park station to Kings Cross. 14 Stations, 7 miles for 4d. after finding out where my train went from I went to YMCA. and spent a very enjoyable evening with botany etc, looking at the specimens through the Microscope, was simply astounded at the beauties of nature revealed by it. promised to send some specimens to Mr. Russel, the owner of the microscope.

9.30 went back to the station, and met EA Gibson on the train, went up to Scotland with him, train left at 10.30, packed, some of the passengers had to sleep in the corridors. Slept nearly all the way up, passed through some fairly large towns on the east coast. passed over the Great Bridges at Tweedmouth 50 huge stone arches making a fine old bridge.

Friday March 1st
arrived at Waverly station 8.30 AM, and went straight up to Ramsay Lodge, and had a wash and breakfast and booked my bed, after breakfast went for a walk along Princess Street past the National Gallery, Scotts Monument and then had a shave and brush up, then went up to Edinburgh Castle, and had a guide explain and show everything there, was greatly impressed by the place, I saw all the old gateways, the drawbridge, Queen Mary's room, the assembly hall, in fact everything to be seen. then outside had a look at the monuments erected to troops fallen in battle. 12.30 had dinner, and a very good

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