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Wednesday Feby 6th
6.30 got up, had a good night's sleep. a fine morning, very clear. went to Sutton Veny, Dr wasn't there was called away to Fobert. got a ride back in a side car, very nice too. Saw an aeroplane in a paddock alongside the road that had come down and got slightly bent. a big draft left for France. did nothing all afternoon. Weather getting cold again.

Thursday Feby 7th
had been raining again during the night. 9 AM walked over to Sutton Veny again to have my ear attended to. Dr said it was getting on alright. wrote all afternoon.

Friday Feby 8th
rained all night. went over to Sutton Veny. Sun came up, very nice walking listening to the birds singing in the hedges. Saw two aeroplanes flying. Saw a lot of large guns on trucks going down the line. do not have to go to Dr again till Monday. read all afternoon. [indecipherable] & Pt Stredy were transferred to No 1 Battery.

Saturday Feby 9th
6.45 on parade. weather fine. did some washing during morning. After dinner went over to Sutton Veny with Joe Redden to find some mates, started to come home in the dark, came a new way and got lost, found ourselved in a church yard surrounded by tomb stones and had to retrace our way for about ½ a mile. got back to camp very tired. went to concert at Anzac Theatre but got tired of it some came back to hut and went to bed.

Sunday Feby 10th
a fine morning, sun came out and warmed things up a bit. 10 AM Church parade. darned socks all afternoon. went to bed early.

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