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Tea, bread and margarine, and cakes. We then went to a concert at the Y.M. Arrived back in camp 9.30 and found all the lights off, had to go to bed in the dark.

Sunday April 21sat
9.30 AM Church Parade, went to C of England service at Heytesbury, enjoyed it very much after service listened to the organist playing the organ for about half an hour, then came back to camp. After dinner went to Fellowship, and had tea at Y.M. Went to Church with Rowl King. had to go to bed in the dark again.

Monday April 22nd
up at 6 AM and folded my blankets handed them in to Q.M. Stores then rolled my overcoat and packed my kit. 8.30 on parade had to go through the Doctor's hands again. 11 AM left for Codford enroute to Southhampton.

[Transcriber's notes:

p. 16 Italian Samoliland – means Somaliland
p. 19 & p. 21 Port Tewfik – also Port Taufiq on the Suez Canal
p. 27 dirgable – means dirigible
p. 29 Angona – possibly means Ancona
p. 30 Turino – possibly means Torino
p. 33 Cherbourgh – means Cherbourg
p. 37 Boynton – possibly means Boyton
p. 46 Huntly & Palmers factory – British firm of biscuit makers
p. 49 Castle of Barnbogle – means Barnbougle
p. 49 John Knox's house – home of the Protestant Reformer during 16th century
p. 49 Cannongate – means Canongate, the lower part of The Royal Mile in Edinburgh's Old Town
p. 49 Jenny Geddes – c. 1600-c. 1660, a Scottish market trader who is alleged to have thrown her stool at the head of the minister in St Giles' Cathedral
p. 50 Heart of Midlothan – means heart of Midlothian
p. 50 I.K. 1572 – Ioannes (John) Knox who died 1572
p. 59 star shells – used to light a battlefield at night, especially No Man's land
p. 65 Bty Office – Battery Office
p. 68 breeks – this is the Scots term for trousers.]

[Transcribed by Alison O'Sullivan and John Stephenson for the State Library of New South Wales]

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