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Tuesday Nov 27th
5.30 got up and had a wash, still coaling, coaling all night. 7.30 had breakfast. 9.30 second batch went ashore. 10.30 had a shave and wash in a condensed milk tin of water. 12 AM Dinner. On parade fully dressed to go ashore at 12.45 AM, left the ship to go on shore at ½ past 2, PM. after getting on shore were marched to the barracks and were dismissed at ¼ to 4, and had to fall in again at ½ past 5, went for a wander round Colombo, trying to get lost, found our selves in the native quarters and had to get a ricksha back [sketch – caption: method of coaling two men on each platform] to the barracks to get out of a mob trying to sell us things we did not want, one of them put a ring on my finger while another put a scarf round my neck and asked me if I wanted something nice to drink, got back to the barracks just in time to miss the rain, a real thunderstorm, it was a tropical downpour, came down in bucketfulls, didn't fall in until after 6 PM, reached the boat again at ¼ to 8 and had to get pulled into the ship four times before we could get off the barges, slightly wet and very tired. I got some postcards, silk and books of views

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