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pasted and shaved was pushed over backwards into the water, a splendid show, but did not last long enough, over at a ¼ to 3. (crossed the line at 7 PM on Friday night.) 5 PM Tea, wind still blowing fairly strong, but boat going very steady, very much cooler. 9 PM went to bed.

Sunday Nov 25th
The usual routine, nothing happened of any importance, all looking forward to seeing land in the morning, went to bed at 9 PM.

Monday Nov 26th
Up at 5 AM to see the sunrise, saw the shores of Ceylon in the early morning light, a never to be forgotten sight, a beautiful sunrise, with the morning mists on the shore, the boat circled round off the enterance to Colombo till 8 AM, when the Pilot and Doctor came on board. Had to parade on Deck at 9.30, inspected by Dr at ¼ to 10, passed the A.18. Wiltshire going to Melbourne with returning troops on board, gave three cheers as they went past, saw a huge whale sporting about in the water, the largest I have yet seen, must have been about 30ft long. A lot of native boats sailing about, passed 5 Vessels coming into port going towards Melbourne. There is a fine lot of warships about, look as if they could do a lot of damage, land looked

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