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earlier. 6 AM on parade 6.30 a raw cold wind blowing. Went to Dr about my knee, put some acetic acid on it, and gave me some powder, two days no jerks, After dinner had semaphore signalling and gun drill with masks on. nearly froze, a bitterly cold day. Received 9 letters from Australia, four from wife (12 to 15), 1 from Marion, 1 from Browns, 1 from Lily Neal, 1 from Granville and 1 from Lil. A big draft left for France (64).

Tuesday April 16th
6 AM got up, snowing, and very cold. 8.15 gun laying till 8.45. 9 till 10.30 Gas instruction. didn't do jerks, not allowed. for afternoon had a lecture and gun drill. 4.15 our class had to go into stables, as they had to double, I didn't get there. P.O. instead. Still snowing and raining. went to concert at Anzac, a good show.

Wednesday April 17th
raining again and bitterly cold. 9 AM marched over to QM Stores and had some clothes changed, (made a mornings Job of it), Warned for draft, about 80 of us. during afternoon had standing gun drill and gun laying. 8.30 had to go night laying until 9.15 With our gas masks on. rained all day.

Thursday April 18th
6 AM up again, rain has stopped, hope it will clear off. 8.15 early laying. 9 AM draft called out, half on stables the other half on jerks. 11 o'clock Gun laying. Had gas instruction all afternoon. After tea walked into Warminster with Rowl King to get some photos but found the place closed. got back to camp at 9.30 and went to bed, to the accompaniment of tunes on the Violin.

Friday April 19th
Snow had fallen during the night. 6.45 was turned into stables, but buzzed off to hut instead. 9 AM parade, went and got our over-

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