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which looked very old fashioned. got back to camp just in time for Tea.

Sunday March 17th
Didn't go on Parade. had a lay in instead. 10 AM Church parade, but didn't go. Another case of Measles in our hut, we all had yellow bands (to wear during isolation) given to us. wrote letters all afternoon.

Monday March 18th
on parade 6.45. turned into stables, but I buzzed off, On parade again ΒΌ to 9. had gun laying until 10.30. I then went and got my overseas boots, which lasted until dinner. 2 PM had a lecture on shells until 3.30. I then went and had a rub with ointment to stop my "scabies". I got my first letter from Chomley St (dated Nov 22) also two photos & letter from my wife, 1 from Roy Collins, also one from Rosie & Vi (all Dec letters).

Tuesday Mch 19th
up 6.30, woke by the droning of the bagpipes. did gun laying and gun drill all morning. had to go through Formalin Fumes for disinfectant. after dinner had gun drill and then had to clean horses for an hour then pull the Guns up to the gun park in the rain. After tea went to Concert at Anzac Theatre.

Wednesday March 20th
had to go gun laying at 8.15 AM till 10.30 then had some more formalin. 11.30 turned into stables to clean horses till dinner time. Had Xmas parcels given to us, (I got a tin of Cigarettes (50), 1 Tin Ham Pate, Lollies and chewing gum, a handkerchief and a tin of prunes in mine). After dinner had a lecture until smoke oh. then had gun drill till 4.30. A fine lot of aeroplanes few over the camp all day.

7.30 Saw a lot of star shells falling from guns fired about 4 miles away.

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