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Queenscliffe. 3.40 PM Pilot went off our boat and took our letters with him. 4 PM passed through the heads, saw a shoal of porpoise sporting about in the water near the boat, throwing about a lot of water. 4.30 Had our orders read to us, and then had our lifebelts and hammocks given out to us. Passed two steamers coming into port; walked about the deck until 5 PM then had tea, afterwards coming up on deck to enjoy the breeze, so far had remarkably fine and calm weather, three of our chaps had to leave the table on very urgent business. i.e. (Mal de mer). 6.25 PM passed a large boat going towards Melbourne. 7.30 PM slung my hammock and went to bed tired out, never woke till next morning.

Saturday Nov 10th
5.30 bugle call, got up and rolled my blankets and hammock, and had a wash, had a big struggle to get into the wash room, the room not big enough for the crowd on board, 1600 men. 6.30 first parade, was appointed mess orderly for the rest of the voyage. 8 AM breakfast (Curry & Rice) washed up after breakfast. I have 10 men to look after, cleaned knives, forks and spoons, to make them look respectable.

Saw two whales spouting water.

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