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church, and a fine view is to be seen from the side wall.

6.30 we had tea in the court house, then tried to get into the pictures but it was full up, then went to a Concert of the YMCA at Warminster, it was one of the worst shows I have yet seen, came out when it was half over and started off for camp, got back at 20 to 10 quite ready for bed.

Sunday April 7th
6.45 on parade, was turned into stables (but did a get.) 9 AM on parade, thought I was going to church but was turned into stables to clean out (a slight difference). 11 AM Parade again, was detailed off for town Picquet and dismissed. 3.30 on parade at Bty Office. was inspected then dismissed until 6 PM. we were then marched down to Heytesbury, after waiting a while we were dismissed and came back to camp again. Rained off and on all day.

Monday April 8th
on parade 6.45, after orders were read, A class were dismissed. 9 AM to 10.30 had gun work, then jerks and lecture until dinner time. for afternoon had a lecture till 3.15 then gun work with gas masks, had smoke and tear gas let loose on us. After tea went for a walk with Rowl King into Heytesbury Post Office to help him post some letters. five more chaps came into our hut making 22 men, of that number 14 are employed in the camp. Went to concert at Anzac Theatre.

Tuesday April 9th
during morning had Gun laying, Jerks and cleaning horses. The Adjutant and Colonel stirred the "tripe" up in some chaps for being at the Y.M.C.A. before smoke oh. after dinner had a lecture and gun drill with our masks on. Went for a walk into

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