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11 AM inspection of tables & cutlery by master of ship and CO of troops, then sat down till 12 when I had to get the dinner, washed up after dinner, and had a sleep for an hour. 2.15, had to close the port holes as the spray was coming in. 3-30 drew rations for the table 4-45 got tea. 5 PM tea, didn't have any, got rid of everything I could, lost all interest in everything. 5.30 washed up. 6 PM put up my hammock and crawled into it, and never moved till next morning. Passed Adelaide ½ past 6 Saturday night, well out to Sea.

Sunday Nov 11th
5.30 got up, put my hammock away and had a wash, boat rolling a bit with plenty spray flying, a few albertros' following the boat, put back my watch 20 minutes, 6.30 parade at tables. 7.30 got breakfast from the cookhouse. 8.30 washed up not feeling too clever. 10 AM Church parade, but didn't go, Mess orderlys exempted; 11 AM Inspection of tables etc. 12 AM Dinner, feeling better, had a good dinner, Soup, roast beef, potatoes & Peas, with plenty bread & butter. 1 PM everything cleaned up, lay down to have a read. 2 PM Muster parade, 2.30 Lifeboat drill with our lifebelts on. 3 PM came below

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