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post, the priests in olden time were tied to it and flogged when they did anything wrong, at the doorway is an old roman stone coffin with a huge cross cut out on it.

The old Abby is very fine although in bad repair, and some of the old tombs have some extraordinary inscriptions on them. the marks are still showing of Cromwells troops on it. In the new Abby which dates back to 616 AD is really beautiful. I was shown round by a guide who explained everything to me. Saw all the old tombs of past Kings & Queens and the place where all the coronations take place, saw the marks on the wall made by the suffragettes in their attempt to blow up the chair. almost all the tombs have sandbags over them to guard against airraids. The windows are beautiful also the ceilings which are cut out of solid stone. Two bronze gates which divide the chapel were made by a blacksmith hundreds of years ago. All the Banners of the regiments that have gone to the front are there until the war is over. I went round the New Parliament buildings, was not allowed in, they are a very fine pile of masonry. Then up to Nelsons Monument and the Duke of Cambridge's statue. Then into "St Stephens on the Green" chapel is a very fine church with beautiful windows, is built like a theatre with a decorated ceiling. and has a gallery all round it. I then went to Charing cross station with Rowl King and saw him off to Kent. Charing cross gets its name from the time of Queen Mary's funeral, it took 12 days to bring her body to Westminster Abby and every day when they stopped, a cross

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