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afternoon. 2 PM parade, were taken into a class room and given some dictation, from 3 PM to 4 PM had jerks then dismissed. Had to go back to the battery for meals.

Thursday Jan 17th
didn't get up till 7 AM had been snowing all night & still snowing. 9 AM Parade had some buzzer work and a lesson on English. 2 PM Parade again, more buzzer work. 7 PM went to concert in YMCA.

Friday Jan 18th
Got up 7 AM, raining, all the snow washed away. 9 AM Parade. Had some stations signals and buzzer. 4 PM had to go on fire picquet. Wrote letters all evening.

Saturday Jan 19th
9.30 AM 100 of us had to go from Signal School to the Hospital at Sutton Veny to have our throats swabbed, arrived back in camp again 12.30, just in time for dinner. no parades for afternoon.

Sunday Jan 20th
Parade 8.30. no Church parade. after dinner walked into Codford and had a look round got back to camp 6.30.

Monday Jan 21st
Had ear ache all night. went to Dr and had ear syringed, ached all day. went to bed 6PM.

Tuesday Jan 22nd
Ear ached all night, got up and walked round 3 AM. 9.30 went to Dr. again, was sent to Sutton Veny to see ear specialist, was told I had Adenoids in the throat, got back to camp 6.30. gave me the jumps seeing so many at the Hospital without voice and hearing, went to bed 9 PM tired out.

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