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making out a list of our forefather's. I then went out for a walk along Princess St and over the North Bridge, there went and had my Photo taken, then on to the Museum and had a look round there until dinner time. After dinner I met Chrissie Young at the Caledonian Co Station and went out to Juniper Green with her and saw my Aunt McCall, Jean, Hetty, Aggie and Archie. Aunt is 73 now and getting very feeble and deaf. She said she would never have known me. They were delighted to see me again after 27 years. Jean showed me a box of Sealing Wax that my Dad gave her before he left, also a clock my mother gave her. Archie is working at a Paper mill in the office and has been for 7 years. I had a great afternoon's talk about old times and happenings. Cousin Jean has two letters I sent her 14 years ago. I left again at 5.30 PM and got the train back with Chrissie. I then went to Perth St and had tea there, and spent the night with them. 9 PM I started out for the station, Cousin Jim and Jean coming with me to see me off, when we got to the station Aunt Jim Young and Chrissie where there waiting for me. Chris gave me two big bundles of cigarettes and Jean made up a very nice lunch for me to eat on the train. Train left at 10 PM, crowded, they had to put two extra carriages on, there was a great crowd at the station to see us

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