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nigger running away with it instead of giving him the lollies he asked for, another lost his hat, when he put his head out of the window a darkie grabbed his woollen cap off his head as the train went by, had breakfast in the train about 8 AM (bully beef).

Tuesday Dec 18th
arrived at Alexandria at 9 AM alongside the boat "Karoa" Glasgow', came on board 10 AM and allotted to our tables, and were told to put our lifebelts on and not take them off until our trip was over. 12 AM made mess orderly for Sergeants mess. 2.30 PM Dinner. 3.30 PM boat left the wharf followed by a destroyer (76). 5 PM had tea, (bread & Jam). 7 PM went to sleep curled up in a hammock bin, no blankets. The wharf and harbour here is very much like Port Melbourne, a fine lot of large vessels in port, the Karoa is larger that the Port Sydney, but not nearly so well fitted up, and the rations are not so good or as plentiful.

Wednesday Dec 19th
Got up and found we were an hour too soon, as we had lost one hour during the night. 8 AM got breakfast for the table (Bread, Porridge not half cooked and tea that tasted as if it had been stewed all night) all the chaps are growling because they are all on duty. 400 are on duty at one time. the boat is rolling a bit and upsetting some of the fellows who were not sick on the other boat, we have two destroyers with us, one on each side sighted a submarine off port bow, the destroyers

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