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Three others went on leave. efore going to bed Rowl King, W. Whitehead and I had a slap up supper, boiled Eggs, toast, cake and tea, finished up with apples from Kent.

Friday Mch 8th
on Parade 6.45, very cold wind blowing, had to turn into stables and clean out, first time since coming into camp here. Another big draft called out. 9.30 went to Dr about an itch I have, he said I had Scabies and isolated me. there are eleven of us in the Isolation hut, with Scabies. Read all afternoon.

Saturday Mch 9th
got up 7.30. a very heavy frost. two more men came into the hut. during the morning an aeroplane flew around the camp and gave us a good exhibition of fancy flying. Turned out a lovely day had to have a bath in disinfectant.

Sunday Mch 10th
got up 7.30 had breakfast and went back to bed again. 11.30 had another bath and rub over with ointment. after dinner went to sleep until 4 PM. After tea wrote letters.

Monday Mch 11th
got up at ΒΌ to 8 Just in time for breakfast. some more men came into the hut, five men went out. Got a Postcard from Jack Brideson and sent a letter back to him. Stredy & Harry Petty came and said Good bye as they are going on draft tomorrow. sewed a buckle on Harry's belt. The weather has been very fine for the last 3 days.

Tuesday March 12th
got up 7.30 had breakfast and went back to bed. wrote all morning. Got a letter from Lena Brideson. After dinner did

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