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2 PM still sailing off coast of Africa (Italian Samoliland) looks very rugged. Some parts very flat, other parts rising straight out of the water, solid rock. Saw a small settlement with three large white buildings with a steamer lying close into shore, a large shoal of porpoises jumping about in the water they shot one from the top deck. passed the rock that the S.S. China struck
two arab boats (feluccas) passed close to boat. Well into the Gulf of Aden. 5 PM Tea. 8.30 went to bed on deck.

Thursday Dec 6th
5.30 got up. still within sight of land British Somaliland. 7 AM paid on boat deck (£1.0.0). We carry a crew of 140 Men all told. 10 AM out of sight of land. 12 AM Dinner. 5 PM Tea. Still no sight of land. 9 PM went to bed on deck.

was kept awake with some fools running round calling out they could see lights

Friday Dec 7th
5.30 got up, within sight of land again going through "Hell's Gate". 6 AM a light Cruiser came alongside and ordered us to stop, could not see properly, not light enough, after seeing who we were we were allowed to proceed on our way. they signalled "Good luck" to us, as they steamed away. 9.30 AM a steamer passed us on the port side. 10.30 another steamer passed us. Well into the red sea. 2.15 PM passed 4 steamers, 2 on each side of us one a greek boat, was close enough to read the name on her side allso passed some islands, solid Rock standing straight out of the water. called "the twelve apostles". One with a large light house on. 9 PM went to bed.

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