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some washing. Two more men came into the Hut with Scabies. The draft didn't go away. After tea did some more writing.

Wednesday March 13th
7.45 Crawled out of bed for breakfast. A very large draft went away. read all morning. After dinner went to sleep for a couple of hours.

Thursday March 14th
Got up 7.30, my turn for mess orderly, had to get the breakfast from cook house got some more Aust mail 2 from wife 1 from Leah 1 from Gordon Crook and a card & letter from Tiny. 2 PM went before Dr and he passed me out for scabies. After tea played crib. 7.30 started to rain.

Friday March 15th
a cold morning, went back to bed after breakfast. 10.30 washed my blue hospital suit, then read until dinner. after dinner lay down and had a sleep.

Saturday March 16th
another cold morning, after breakfast shifted all my goods and chattels back to my old hut. After dinner went for a walk with Rowl King to Boyton had a look over the old Church, it was built in 1066 in the time of the Crusaders, there is a large stone tomb of a crusader in the church, while there I blew the organ for the Organist, it reminded me of old times I chipped off a piece of the stone wall. I crawled up into the bell tower among all the birds nests, there were four huge bells in the tower, marked 1246, and each had a huge oak wheel with a rope on it

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