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again; 3.30 got the bread. 4.30 set the table. 4.45 went for tea. 5 PM Tea then washed up with hot salt water, not allowed to use fresh water, had some music on gramophone. 6.30 put up our hammocks. had some music from the band, no sign of land, well out in the Aust Bight, the boat starting to dip and roll again, plenty of spray flying over the boat. 8.30 went to bed

Monday 12th Nov.
5.30 got up, put my hammock away and had a wash, put my watch back 20 minutes. 6.30 first parade. 8 AM Breakfast (Porridge & Stew.). (2 Lge loaves, 1lb butter 1 tin Milk ½ lb tea, 2 lbs Sugar, to do 10 men each day, 1 6lb tin Jam to do 3 days.) 8.30 washed up and cleaned knives, forks & spoons and put them out for inspection at 11 AM, passed a dead whale with hundreds of birds on it. 12 AM Dinner. 1 PM all washed up, lay down on deck to have a read, but wind was too cold, so came below again. 2 PM parade. 2.30 lifeboat call, scrambled like mad to get our lifebelts on, then rushed up on deck along side our rafts. 3.30 got bread. 5 PM Tea. Band played until ½ past 6. Went to bed ½ past 7.

Tuesday Nov 13th
Up at 5.30. Parade at 6.30. put back my watch another 20 minutes.

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