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come to Italy. The name of the port is Toranto. We also saw some torpedo boats & Submarines right alongside us. also a Sea-plane, the first I have seen. It can go at a very fast pace over the water and in the air, we dropped anchor again at 4 PM in the harbour till the morning. 7.45 PM Concert on board by band a lot of growling by the men over it as it was for the officers. 9 PM went to bed, had 3 blankets between 2 of us others had none.

Saturday Dec 22nd
5.30 got up. Had a good sleep. 7 AM had our usual starvation breakfast. 9.30 left the boat on small steel motor barges (that were specially built for Gallipoli) and were taken to a small white stone pier, and were then marched up the hillside to the camp, we were then told off in 50s to each hut. after taking off our gear we had something to eat. (Bread, sardines, bacon & bully beef) then went for a wander round the camp, the camp overlooks the harbour and is right on top of the cliff, and is very large. there is a large number of troops here (british) Tommies, Scottys, Naval men, Jamacians, Cingalese, & Indians. We are the first Aust troops here. I tried to buy something at the Canteen but they would not take our Australian money but were afterwards told it had been arranged that our money could be used. our 1/-s are worth about 18 Italian pennies. There is a very large wireless station right alongside the camp here. We never had our tea until a ΒΌ to 8 PM we were nearly starving and very cold, we are beginning to feel the cold now. during the afternoon we were all

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