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Thursday Nov 15th.
The same programme as Wednesday with a medical inspection at 9.30. Weather improving, well out in the Indian Ocean.

Friday Nov 16th
5.30 got up, and scrambled to have a wash. 8 AM Breakfast, weather getting warm.     9.30 medical inspection. 11 AM Tables inspected by master & CO. 12 AM Dinner. 1 PM all cleaned up sat down to write a few letters. 3.30 got bread and pickles. 5 PM Tea. Stewed rabbits & potatoes, washed up and went on deck to have a read and cool down. 7 PM lifeboat alarm. 8.30 went to bed.

Saturday Nov 17th
5.30 got up and had a wash, got bread and dry stores. P ut back watch another 20 minutes. 8 AM Breakfast. 9.30 everything cleaned up, had to go on Full dress parade at 10.30, carrying all my kit, blankets, hammock & lifebelt, lost my white shoes but got them back again. 12 AM Dinner. 1 PM all cleaned again and had to go on parade again at 2 PM. 3.30 dismissed, had some boxing contests during afternoon. 5 PM tea. 7 PM Concert. 8.45 went to bed. Weather getting very hot canvas awning put up over the deck to keep the sun off, our boat did 309 knots for the day. very good going.

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