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breakfast at 8 AM Porridge & Stew. 9 oclock had an argument with Guard just come off duty, wanted to have breakfast on my table after being cleaned, but objected & won the argument, all cleaned up at 9 AM. Inspection at 11 AM. Dinner at 12 AM. Soup, Roast beef, cabbage & potatoes, 1 PM everything cleaned up lay down to read for a while, feeling tiptop, weather keeping fine, but a big swell on the water, had our pay books given to us. 5 PM Tea. 6 PM all cleaned again. 6.45 lifeboat alarm (20 men to each raft). 7 PM concert on upper deck. 9 oclock went to bed, passed two ships at midnight

Wednesday Nov 14th
up at 5.30, 7.45 got breakfast from cookhouse, but got knocked over on the deck, and got rolled in curry and rice, had to wash my clothes to get it off, caused a great deal of amusement to the onlookers, about ½ Doz chaps fell down the stairs with theirs. 9 AM everything cleaned. 11 AM inspection. 12 AM dinner. 1 PM all cleaned again. 2 PM inspection by the Doctor, 1 case of measles on board, the sea getting rough with waves breaking on the bow, with plenty spray blowing all over the boat. 3.30 got bread. 5 PM Tea. Boat rolling a lot the crockery falling all over the place. 7 PM life boat alarm. 8.30 went to bed.

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