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as much as they want, off with a hay knife. Arrived at Faenza at 1 PM and marched up to the rest camp, about a ¼ hours walk from the station, when we got there they had a hot dinner waiting for us. then we went for a walk around the camp to see what there was to be seen, bought and posted some postcards also bought a mosaic brooch. had tea at 5.30 PM. fell in again at 6.30 PM and marched back to the train which had been disinfected while we were away. we also had an extra blanket issued to us. left Faenza at 8 PM. travelled all night.

Sunday Dec 30th
Still in the train arrived at Verghera 8 AM. had breakfast, snow started falling, left at 11 AM. passed more guns in trucks, the roadway here is marked with large stones at even distances along both sides so that it can be picked out in the snow, we are passing through the hills in a snow storm. Reached Turino at ¼ to 3 PM, for tea, left again at 20 past 4, filled in the time with a snow ball fight, the snow was very thick, over 1 ft deep on the station. Turino is the junction of 5 railway lines, and is the busiest centre in Italy. There are some very fine buildings to be seen here, being very large and of very fine design. 5 PM started to go through the Alps, it is a remarkably fine sight going along the valleys between the mountains, snow everywhere, some places it was right up to the top of the fences, one house was almost buried, the chimney was all that was to be seen of it. During the night we passed through over 50 tunnels, some very long and narrow, just room for the train to go through, the longest tunnel took 35 minutes to go through, and was extremely cold while we were in it, didn't go to sleep all night as I wanted to see the beauties of

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