Item 05: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 1 January-31 December 1918 - Page 26

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recent big Italian setback. The first thing to be done at Modane was to put my watch forward one hour, central European time being one hour ahead of French time. The frontier station was one confused mass of French & Italian troops and civilians and a few British & Americans. Customs officials of both nationalities were present and went through all baggage. Passports had to be stamped and railway tickets bought. A good meal was ready in the buffet and we left again at 10 p.m. Woke up 3½ hours later and found that the train was at Turin (Torino). I was fortunate in finding two French officers who were going to a hotel so tramped with them through the broad, dark streets to the "Metropole & Bonne Femme" in the Via Pietro Micca near the Piazza Castello.

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