Item 05: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 1 January-31 December 1918 - Page 57

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we are still here awaiting orders. Battalions of our Brigade went into the line last night and relieved British troops who came out this morning covered with mud & slush.
I am writing these notes in a little sitting room of the farmhouse. The photos and ornaments are still on the mantelpiece and books on the table. The people have left practically everything. In some houses in the village the crockery had been left unwashed after the meal, in another the table was set ready. Little shops and estaminets were fully stocked – until the troops found them. We have found fowls, pigs & pigeons in plenty. Some of the Units have hay carts & horses in their transport. In our farm which was the residence of the local Mayor, supplies of wood, coal, potatoes and wheat are plentiful. Everywhere we see evidence of the hurried flight of civilians – poor unfortunates,

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